The history of the „Hotel Restaurant Goldener Falke“

1693: The attack from the French of Heidelberg and the destruction of the Heidelberg castle in the war of the „Bavarian Palatinate“ succession.

On the area adjudged till the destruction three small houses. (the land tax would be charged by broadness).

From 1693: The rebuilding from two houses on the area. The date above the discovered archway is an evidence for the beginning of rebuilding. Taday you can see the archway in the restaurant. The building material is acquired from the Heidelberg’s castle.

1711: The building in the Hauptstr. 204 was documented the first time.

1805: A preacher called Maximilian Wundt wrote in a hotel and restaurant report about a „Goldenen Falken“ at the Marketplace, corner Oberbadgasse.

Ca. 1825: Johan Gannsenmüller acquired both houses at the Marketplace.

1833: In this year assumed a building application at the city council. Applicant is Johan Gannsenmüller.

1834: Through that conversion in this year arised the „Hotel Goldener Falke“ in Heidelberg at the marketplace. The initiales from Mr. Gannsenmüller are arranging inconsiderable above the hotelentrance.

J G M 1834

1836: At the 18.01. the restaurant got a consession from a court with the number Nr. 1075. That was referenced in the cadastral register.

1836-1936: this 100 years got losted in history. We don’t what happened round about the 1. world war. We hope sometimes we can close this gap ☺

1936: Luise and Paul Schneider bought the Goldenen Falken at the 11.11.1936 from the Eichbaum – Werger Brewery Worms. The oppening was the Good Friday 1937. Until the 2. world war it was a very favoured meeting point for the Heidelberger. They served delicious food and the celebrate legendary parties.

1945: Blessedly not destroyed, the american soldiers lived at the Goldener Falke.

These are the last relicts from the occupation.

1969: Restarting the hotel from the son Paul Schneider junior.

(source: archive Heidelberg)

1992: His son Martin Schneider taked over the business with his wife Susanne Müssig.

1993: Modernization from the hotel and become a 3 star house.

1997: Assembly of an elevator and the extension form tha attic floor.

2001: Dirk Jobski is the new boss of the “Goldenen Falken“.

2009: The restaurant and the kitchen were reconstructed by the architect Angelo Klings. The restrooms went in the cellar. In the ladies restroom the workers discovered a fountain from the 16th century.

fountain from the 16th century

2011: 300 years Goldener Falke!!!

Dear guest, we hope you are enjoying the time in our house and keep the Goldenen Falken in good memories.