The history of “Hotel Restaurant Goldener Falke”

1693: Attack on Heidelberg and Heidelberg Castle is destroyed by the French in the Palatine War of Succession.

Before its destruction, there were three narrow houses in the area (at the time, property tax was levied based on house width).

From 1693: Two houses were rebuilt on the plot. The date located on the exposed archway is an indication of when the rebuild started. Today, it can be seen in the restaurant. The building material was obtained from Heidelberg Castle.

Goldener Falke Hotel Heidelberg Wall Section
Goldener Falke Hotel Heidelberg 1834

1711: The hotel on Hauptstr. 204 is mentioned for the first time in the records.

1805: A priest called Maximilian Wundt reports in a hotel and restaurant review on a “Goldener Falken” on the Marktplatz, in the Oberbadgasse corner.

Approx. 1825: Johan Gannsenmüller buys both hotels on the Marktplatz.

1833: Planning administration is submitted to the municipal authorities. The applicant is Johan Gannsenmüller.

1834: The conversion in this year results in the “Hotel Goldener Falke” on Heidelberg’s Marktplatz. If you look closely, Mr Gannsenmüller’s initials can still be seen above the hotel entrance today.

1836: On 18th January, the public house licence for “zum Goldenen Falken” was entered into the land registry as a real right in accordance with district authority enactment no. 1075.

1836-1936: We haven’t been able to find any accurate historic data covering this 100 year period. Exactly what happened around the time of the First World War is uncertain. Maybe we will be able to fill in this gap one day ☺.

1936: Luise and Paul Schneider acquire the Goldener Falken on 11th November of this year from the Eichbaum-Werger Brewery in Worms. It was opened on Good Friday 1937. Before the Second World War, it was a very popular meeting place for Heidelberg locals. The food was excellent and legendary dance events were held.

1945: Fortunately unscathed, the Goldener Falke was used to provide accommodation due to the housing shortage.

Goldener Falke Hotel Heidelberg Cutlery Old
Goldener Falke Hotel Heidelberg 01

1969: Paul Schneider junior takes over the hotel business again.

1992: His son Martin Schneider and his wife Susanne take over the business.

1993: The hotel is modernised. The hotel is successfully categorised as a 3 star hotel.

1997: A lift is installed and the top floor is built.

2001: Dirk Jobski takes over the management of the Goldener Falken.

2009: The restaurant and kitchen are modernised by renowned Heidelberg architect Angelo Klings based on historical models. The toilet facilities are relocated to the vaulted cellar. A fountain dating back to the 16th century was discovered in the ladies toilet.

2011: 300 years of Goldener Falke!

We wish all of our guests a pleasant stay and bon appétit. May you all have happy memories of the “Falcon”.

Goldener Falke Hotel Heidelberg Floor